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Labor management and human capital development practices in Japan is quite different and detached from the rest of the world trend today. Finally, President Nakanishi of Keidanren triggered long overdue debate on “orderly” one-shot recruiting practiced in Japan. While lifelong learning has been a major issue in the world for some time, Abe administration just began policies promoting recurrent training and education.

Japan remains to be the country where human capital management is so outdated and different from the rest of the world. Diversity & Workstyle Reform advocated by the PM Abe is losing momentum with little change taking place in the society.

No one can deny that human capital, key resources for global competition, can stand still when industries and companies are being disrupted, mainly by technology. Individuals cannot afford following traditional approach of leaving career decisions to the companies and/or government. They need to design their own career and think hard as to how they can continue learning and upgrading their market value.

At this seminar, we will develop action plan we can start tomorrow, by having broad global perspective and identifying the skills/knowledge we need to position ourselves as valuable resources.


All session will be conducted in English; and we welcome all who are interested in Global Agenda.


The maximum number of participants are 48, so if the total numbers of applicants exceed 80, we cannot accept the offer.


ご了承ください。We will take the pictures and video throughout session, and we may use it on SNS or HP.

SINCAの目指すものとは〜objectives of SINCA”

1. イベントとして終わらせずに、その後のアクションへつなぐ
To encourage the move from “No Action, Talk only” and ”Talk the Talk” to “Walk the Talk”

2. 多様なニーズを持つ人達に対して、アイディアを形にする上で必要な気づきやネットワークを作る場を提供する
To offer opportunities to varieties of target groups to develop specific Action plan to implement ideas in Open environment.

3. イベント終了後にアウトプットを出せるようフォローアップをおこなう
To follow up activities with the participation of relevant groups to ensure intended output.

“SINCA concept”

SINCA will be offered in open & user-friendly environment.

-open as it is NOT limited to members of the company, group, but open to anybody, regardless of age, gender, nationality, background, as long as they are interested in the topics, prepared to share ideas and develop/participate in action to implement.

-user-friendly, as it is a “risk-free” environment. For example, participants need not worry about how they are evaluated by bosses/colleagues, peer groups and other participants for their ideas, communication capability etc.


1. Company sponsored sessions

-Targeted at companies

:interested in developing innovative/creative ideas for issues they face with people both in and out of the organizations.

:interested in promoting their positioning/value proposition to wider groups of people than their constituencies.

:interested in exposing & developing people by giving them opportunities to interact and work with people outside of organization.

2. Start-up sessions

Targeted at start-ups and entrepreneurs

-interested in sharpening their original concept, developing business plan to wider group of people by joining brainstorming sessions.

- interested in developing presentation skill in English to “sell” their ideas to the people interested in start-ups in general.

-interested in getting professional support from experienced business people.

3.Skill sessions

Targeted at those

- interested in developing knowledge/skills required to work/live in global space.

- prepared to participate in the conference, competition, or event to take initiative.

4.Other sessions would be held!

Fri Nov 9, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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